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                      Contact Us

                      Chongqing Aoli Biopharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
                      Address:Shanghai industrial zone, Wuqiao, Wanzhou, Chongqing, China
                      Contact:Tim Chen
                      E-mail:[email protected]
                      Web site:www.sttg.tw


                      Founded in August, 1996, our company changed its name into Chongqing Aoli Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in 2003 with 50 million yuan of fixed asset. Our company occupies an area of about 53 thousand square meters in Shanghai Industr…


                      • Multienzyme Tablets

                        Multienzyme Tablets

                      • Pancreatin Enteric Capsules

                        Pancreatin Enteric Capsules

                      • Elastase Enteric-coated Tablets

                        Elastase Enteric-coated Tablets

                      • Pepsin Tablets

                        Pepsin Tablets

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